Welcome. This site is dedicated to the Public, to allow everyone to know the People and the instruments of the E.F.N.I, an Institution that, for over two centuries, has been guarantee of Freedom, Hope and Security for the Citizens of Earth Alliance.

The Earth Force Naval Intelligence, integral part of the Earthforce Navy, is heir of a long tradition of Duty, Honour and Sacrifice, and proudly contributes to the safety of the Earth Alliance.

" You Will Know The Truth, And The Truth Will Set You Free "



The E.A.S.Styx is the Flagship and the first Warlock Destroyer enlisted in in the E.F.N.I.
hers twin unit, the E.A.S.Phoenix, was enlisted in the E.F.N.I. Naval Service in the 2274.
E.A.S. NIKE The Nike class battlecruiser, developed with the contribution of the E.F.N.I. Technical Section, is the fastest and one of the the most advanced and effective Warships of the Earthforce Navy. Eight of them are operated by the E.F.N.I.

See even NIKE - THE MODEL Page and Nike Class Battlecruiser Page by Chris Yu.

NOVA DELTA This last evolution of a glorious breed of starships is present in twelve units in the ranks of the E.F.N.I.
E.A.S. LUPO This new, effective and fast Warship is the most numerous unit enlisted in different variants in the ranks of E.F.N.I.
E.A.S.GLADIUM This special purpose ship is a derivation of the Centurion class Dreadnought, operated by the E.F.N.I., and built in accordance with E.F.N.I. specifications with the support of the Earthforce Navy.

She is actually issued in a significan quantity to the Earthforce Battle Divisions and Naval Assault Divisions.



This part is dedicated to Earthforce ships that, even if not isuued to E.F.N.I. Naval Service, are particularly interesting from the technical or historical point of view
WARLOCK DESTROYERS The Warlock is unanimously considered the most relevant element of the Earthforce space power. This page not only presents the actual Warlocks, but the whole evolution of the Earth Alliance Destroyers from the inception of the Omega, just after the end of the Minbari War, through the various stages of evolution of the Warlock.
E.A.S. TITANS The E.A.S. Titans is a Warlock class advanced destroyer (1st batch) that, under the command of Cdr. Susan Ivanova (Navy) has been merged with Vorlon tech, specifically the leftover components of Kosh 2.0's destroyed transport, recovered from the Babylon 5 diplomatic station. The development of this ship and her evolution was supervisioned by Mr. Galen, Tecnomage.
E.A.S.CENTURION The E.A.S Centurion is a new, powerful Drednought, that will become a mainstay of the future task forces of the Earth Alliance Navy. The E.F.N.I., with his Technical Section, gave his contribution to the development of this new class of ships.
E.A.S.VIGILANTE This fast, well armed unit design is the Outcome of a request, made by the Earthforce, for an unit capable to carry on the duties of escort and anti-piracy patrol and pursuit.
NOVA II The Nova II Is a new Line Dreadnought, assigned to missions in defensive and offensive situations; this class will flank the Warlocks in the most demanding and specialized anti ship engagements.
THE BRIGHTWARRIOR PROJECT - PART I This page illustrates the outcomes of the Brightwarrior program, carried on by Earthforce, with the technical and informative support of the E.F.N.I. , one of the main supporters of this important activity, aimed to upgrade the combat capability of the standard units of the Fleet in terms of weapons, protection, sensors.

This page illustrates the activities of the Brightwarrior program on the newest classes of Earthforce warships: Nike, Centurion, Gladium, Nova II.



AURORA STARFURY The SA-26 Aurora Starfury is the most classic Earth Alliance Fighter. Actaully flanked and partially replaced by the new SA-32 Thunderbolt Starfury and SA-34 Firebolt Starfury, it is still today the most widely used EA fighter, and with good reasons.
Powerful, nimble, well armed, maintained up to date during its long service, has shown excellent performances during the Drakh War, it is still today more than a match for every known fighter, and an excellent, flexible and affordable weapon.
THUNDERBOLT STARFURY The SA-32 Thunderbolt Starfury is the edge of the Earth Alliance Fighter corps. This two places Strike Fighter, both atmospheric and space capable, is the most representative Human dighter design.
Fast, heavily armed, sturdy and well equipped, it was instrumental for the victory in the Drakh War: it is one of the most polyvalent fighters known: born keeping in mind the transatmospheric strike and the anti-ship assault roles, it has shown to be a superb space superiority fighter, with performancess barely matched, and just in a few specific fields, only by the best designs of the most advanced races, and it is actually considered one of the two or three "Top Fighters" even by many Aliens observers.



THE MINBARI SHARLIN WARCRUISER This page presents in an organic form the Minbari Sharlin Warcruiser.
Maybe the most powerful warship of the Younger races, surely a term of paragon for every other ship, the Sharlin, and its updated and enlarget variant, the Shargoti, are the fundament of the Minbari military power.
In the page is included an interesting "first hand" essay about the Sharlin, kindly provided by Shay'Alyt Lennan Neriss, former commander and actual "Fleet Leader" (Commodore), that has a vast experience on both the Sharlin and the Shargoti Warcruisers.
THE MINBARI NESHATAN HEAVY ASSAULT SHIP This page we are galad to present to the public is an historical and technical article by Ph.D. Lt.Cdr.(N.I.) J.S. FELTS - Of the EFNI Historical department of the Investigation Office. It includes a complete overview of the Neshatan Project, one of the most innovative (even if unlucky) designs of the Minbari technology.
The article is conceived as an overall analysis and contains many background informations that allow to understand better the relationships between the Minbari castes, and the relationships inside the same castes, and what kind of impact those have in the evolution of the Minbari applied technology.
PRIMUS BATTLECRUISER The Primus battlecruiser was, and is still today, more than 200 years after its inception in service, a symbol of the Centauri Military power, and has influenced whole generations of ships.
In this page is presented a technical description of the Primus, and a short history of it, from its debout in the Orieni war until today.
THE CENTAURI "FIREBIRD" PROGRAM The Centauri Republic, after the liberation from the influence of the Drakhs, rejoined the ISA, and was the first alien power to understand the gravity of the menaceof the Thirdspace Aliens. The Centauri Governement launched the "Firebird" project, in a way similar to the E.A. "Brightwarrior" project. In this pages we present some of the most intersting upgrades and some of the new units produced by this program.
MAXIMUS BATTLECRUISER This section presents The "Maximus" battlecruiser, one of the most effective warships in the actual space lanes, a break-even point and a symbol for the Centauri Navy.
I.S.A.STANDARD CRUISER This unit design is the Outcome of a request, made by the Interstellar Alliance, for an unit capable to carry on the duties of Patrol and anti-ship pursuit and attack.The main design is Narn, with the tecnical support of the Minbari Confederation and of Mr.Galen - Technomage



WEAPON SYSTEMS This page illustrates the main weapon systems and sensors embarked on the ships of E.F.N.I., and some other systems that, even if are not in use in the E.F.N.I., are interesting from the technical point of view.
ARMORS AND PROTECTION This page illustrates the technology and the conceptual origins and evolution of the armors employed by Earthforce, and the contributions given by the E.F.N.I. to this evolution.
INTERCEPTORS AND E-WEB This page presents the basic principles of two mainstays of the Earth Force defence technology, the Interceptor grid and the E-Web, used on all the Earthforce combat units since the years 2150's, and still today extremely effective.



E.F.N.I. ESSENTIAL CHRONOLOGY In this page is presented a synoptic table of the most relevant events of the Earth Alliance from his foundation to our days.
The Chronolgy is intended to present the most relevants events of E.F.N.I. history, and evidences the part that our Service has had in the history of the Alliance.
EARTH FORCE NAVY AND E.F.N.I. - Structures, Organizations, Missions. In this page, the EFNI historical office presents a the actual structure of the Earthforce Navy, at the date of 01/01/2281, in terms of organization, ships and equipment available.

The second part of this article gives an outlook of the EFNI organization, and includes the EFNI naval almanac.
MILITARY INTELLIGENCE IN THE SHADOW WAR E.F.N.I. presents to the public an historical essay of the CINCEFNI, R.Admiral Daryl Cellini, that offers an original interpretation of the events of the Shadow War, analyzed from the perspective of the Military Intelligence.
DILGAR WAR:THE EARTH ALLIANCE INVOLVEMENT In this page, the EFNI historical office presents a short synopsis of the events of the Dilgar war. This document is based upon documentation recently cleared for diffusion, and so can present under a new light some aspects of the conflict that, until now, have been almost ignored or erroneously presented by the press and the official history, or were unknown at all. Even the participation and the activities of the EFNI are presented.
THE MINBARI WAR: AN INTELLIGENCE HISTORY ESSAY The EFNI historical office presents with this essay an analysis of the political and intelligence facts before, during and after the Earth Minbari war. The tactical and strategic intelligence activity of the EFNI during the war is not included, because, while historically interesting, it lays outside the aims of this article.

The Earth-Minbari war had a preparation, a beginning, a development, an end and an aftermath. While the events of the war are well known, some other events, that were at the origin of the conflict, and that conditioned and influenced its evolution and its consequences, have not been presented until now.
Some of these informations, as will be seen, have deep implications in terms of history and policy, and allow a better comprehension of the great picture of the Minbari war, of the reasons that led to this event, and of its consequences in the following years.



MAXIMUM BATTLESHIPS E.F.N.I. is glad to present This historical essay, written and kindly offered by Grand Inquisitor Dask, That provides a comprehensive analysys and an history of the various generations of the "Tillman" Heavy (Maximum) Battleships, whose actual series (Tillman Delta), E.A.S. Tillman, E.A.S. Texas, E.A.S. Roma, E.A.S. New York, are enlisted in the Earthforce, and are among their most effective combat units.
HYPERION-N E.F.N.I. Variant This page illustrates the Hyperion variant employed by the E.F.N.I. Actually substituted by the "Lupo-N" frigates, this ship was the backbone of the E.F.N.I. Naval service in the period from 2248 (reconstruction after the Earth-Minbari War) to 2273. It is known to the public because this is the fastest variant of the Hyperion, but it has been much more than the "Racing Hyperion".
E.F.N.I. Variant
This page presents the Nova-N Strike Dreadnoughts, the customized variant of the Nova used by the EFNI since the late 2240's and that, even if employed in small numbers, gave an extremely important contribution to the activites of the Service. This class of ships is still employed by the E.F.N.I. -
The page includes an historical essay to present an overview of the origins and of the history of the Nova class Dreadnoughts.
TIGER STARFURY The Mitchell-Hyundyne SA-18 Tiger Starfury was the first of a new evolutionary line of space fighters, conceptual ancestor of the Nova and Aurora Starfuries.
This light interceptor was one of the protagonists of the Dilgar war: compact, nimble and heavily armed, was a real match for the Dilgar's Thorun fighters, and gave a significant contribution to the victory.
SABRE CLASS FRIGATE The Sabre class frigate, yet defined "A great lost occasion" for Earthforce, was designed after the Dilgar war, and exploited the conceptual lessons and the technologies acquired during that conflict. While she did not enetered in service as envisioned by the Admiralty (that wanted to replace with the Sabre almost all the older escort ships and a significant part of the hyperion fleet), she is indeed an interesting unit and a very fine design, and a good example of the true capabilities of the Earth Alliance technology in the 2230's.
NOVA EVOLUTION ADVANCED DREADNOUGHT The Nova Evolution Advanced Dreadnought, while not introduced in service, is a good example of evolutive design; she belongs to the same generation of the Sabre Frigates, and introduced concepts that could have significantly reshaped the Earthforce Navy of the 2230's.
This proposed class of ships is the matching of the strengths of the Nova class dreadnoughts with the new technologies acquired in the Dilgar War, and represented a significant improvement in respect to the original design. One of the most interesting points of this design is that it was thought not only as a new production unit, but essentially as a conversion even for the older batches of ships, and introduced new concepts, both technologycal and industrial, that were materialised, more than ten years later, by the Omega destroyers.
SHADOW OMEGA ADVANCED DESTROYER This historical essay presents a short history and a technical summary of one of the most infamous, even if barely known, ships fielded by the Earth Alliance.
While the number produced was small and their operational career was extremely short (the whole class did not survive its first confrontation with their oppponents), the "Shadomegas" have become, along the years, one of the most rumored and discussed products of the Earth Alliance, and both the protagonists and the sources of an enormous quantity of metropolitan legends.
The purpose of this article, beyond the historical and the technical presentation, is even to provide some solid informations to the public, in order to allow to separate the Truth from the Myth.




THE STRELAS'THA INCIDENT In this page can be found a summary and an analysys of the incindent happened in 2263, that involved the Warlock Destroyer E.A.S.Sorceress and the rebel Minbari cruiser Strelas'tha
E.F.N.I. RESTRICTED AREA **********************EYES ONLY************************

This area contains classified informations

The access is restricted and allowed only after identity control

**********************EYES ONLY************************

THIRDSPACE ALIENS WARSHIP An Intelligence Technical Report that presents an overview of the most dangerous and deadly Thirdspace Aliens weapon.





NIKE - THE MODEL In this page is presented the first miniature kit for an EFNI design - the Nike Class Battlecruiser - Mastered by Chris Yu - with images and links to Mr. Yu site.




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Sci-Fi 3D Models a site run by Andrey Kurin, and allows access and download of his excellent 3D Models of various science fiction vehicles and ships, with a plenty of Babylon 5 stuff, either canon, official or fanfictional.

Among them, there are the very well done models of a series of EFNI designs: Nova 2, Centurion and Tillman Dreadnoughts, Gladium Assault Vector, Nike Battle Cruiser, Lupo Frigate and Vigilante cutter.

In the hope of making something liked by both the Author of the models and by the readers of EFNI, I have tried to organize a page with links to the 3D Models main page and to the single rederings of the various EFNI ships. The download of the models is possible following the links in the Sci-Fi 3D Models Main Page - And I suggest to have a look to ALL the models and the renderings, Babylon 5, Star Wars and whatever else, because they are among the best stuff that can be found on the net. Enjoy.

A Beautiful site with a lot of graphics, hundreds of designs, either canon and non canon, related to Babylon 5 and other sci-fi series and movies, filled with fanfiction drawings. The Owner of this site, David Briedis, Is so kind to maintain and run the largest B-5 drawings and fanfiction art site that I know; some of my drawings too, between the many others, are hosted by him - Thanks!
Spawned from the 'B5 Tech-Manual', B5TECH.NET is your resource on the web for 'Babylon 5' related multimedia! On this site you will find: Animations, Sounds, Orignal Artwork, Screen captures & Stills.
B5 Technical Manual is an on-line guide to the ships and technology of the television series' "Babylon 5" and "Crusade." Active since 1994/95, the Babylon 5 Technical Manual is the largest and most comprehnisve guide to the science behind the fiction, and attempts to apply real science and physics to these fictional universies, as to provide the most accurate and plausable explanation to what was seen during the seven year run of the Babylonian universe. Includes a totally renewed and very active Message Board .
A site of general informations, synopses, references, making of........Very agreeable.
This site is dedicated to starships, starfighters, sci-fi and real space models, and includes a section dedicated to Babylon 5 ships and has sections all dedicated to the Starfury , like this page and many others, in the galleries, in the old contests, etc. Requires some time to be visited, because it is a very large site, really full of intresting things. See it, and enjoy!

Note: among the Babylon 5 models presented, there are even the Nova-N and the Omega Brightwarrior built by...me - There is even a buildup page, with more pictures, comments,and modelling tips I used.

Babtech BabTech on the Net presents extremely accurate studies of the fictional technology seen in Babylon 5.
The articles are very well written, and rigorously related to the visual evidences of the episodes of the show, the links to many images and videoclips are many and useful, the whole site, managed by Brian Young is extremely intresting and deserves to be known and visited.
This site offers one of the largest collections of screen captures of the Babylon5-Crusade series. It has also synopses and other informations. The image archives are downloadable Zip files, organized in series and episodes.
Babtech Voltayre's Encyclopedia Xenobiologica is a very interesting site: it features a rich collections of informations about the B5Verse, regards History, Biology, Locations, Races, Creatures, Galactic Organizations, Technology.

"Regardless, here is the result of my travels. These pages are a chronicle of the dawning of the Third Age. At least, according to my true universe."

"The place to be" is an excellent site: It presents hisorical and technical informations, images, sounds, meshes, links - Well written and easy to navigate and Overall a pleasant site! Visit it!.
This is one of the firsts and best sites about Babylon 5 - Run by Lars Joreteg, it is a well structured and better written overview of all the Babylon 5 universe.
Operation Phoenix OPERATION PHOENIX is a site, Managed by Chris Sapiano, that hosts his exceptional designs.
The CGI images are beautyful, the concepts are intriguing, the articles well written, all the stuff is enjoyable: if You did like E.F.N.I., then Operation Phoenix is a must see!
EADI, Earth Alliance Defense Initiative , is a new site that deserves a visit. Managed by Jordan Weigler, and still under construction, it presents some of its excellent drawings (more of them can be found at Wolf's Shipyards - he is SkyRaider ) and, more important, it presents new, original, excellent ideas.


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